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5 Reasons to Choose Curran

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Curran

1. We Know Conference Proceedings: For over 25 years, we’ve been supplying conference proceedings to libraries, and researchers. We manage over 1,200 standing order titles, and help our customers to easily acquire proceedings titles that cover all major subject areas of engineering, science and technology.

2. We Have Unique Expertise: We have become expert at low cost, on-demand printing, but unlike traditional printers, we actually promote and sell proceedings to long standing library customers and a network of booksellers around the world.

3. is a One-Stop-Shop: With over 11,000 conference titles from several hundred publishers available in print, has become a superstore for librarians and booksellers alike. We can also provide you with a link to your specific page on our website.

4. Our On-Demand Model Lowers Complexity and Cost: Depending on your specific needs, we’ll do pre-press work for you, creating a table of contents, author index, and pagination. Since we have long standing clients, in most cases, we already have orders, which helps us to keep our costs low.

5. We Free Up Your Resources: Many of our publishing partners simply provide us the papers from a particular conference (pdf format), and leave the rest to us. This frees up resources to pursue more strategic priorities, yet still allows us to satisfy members/customers who prefer print.

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