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Top 5 Reasons to Create "On-Demand" Print Proceedings

1. Some Still Have a Need for Print: For whatever reason, in a very large world, there are researchers and libraries that still have a preference for print, or even a need for print. For over 25 years, Curran Associates has been supplying conference proceedings to international libraries, research institutes, corporations, and academia, and our experience is that a significant portion still request print, as they’re not comfortable enough that "electronic-only" will satisfy all of their needs.

2. Provide Access to All Segments of the Research Community: Most authors and / or professional societies consider the dissemination of their research as a strategic priority. While electronic format has certain clear advantages, why deny a segment of the research community, even if it is a shrinking segment? Consider making your proceedings available in all formats.

3. Only Produce What’s Needed: On-demand printing avoids long print runs, overstocked inventory, and wasted trees. On the flip side, it also eliminates "out of print" books. An on-demand print version is simply available for those who need it, when they need it – not more, and not less!

4. On-Demand Model Lowers Complexity and Cost: Utilizing a vendor like Curran (, publishers can hand off the work and complexities of creating, printing, packing and shipping. Simply provide all of the individual papers from a conference you wish to publish, and Curran will do all the work…and pay a royalty back to the publisher for each copy sold.

5. Re-deploy Your Resources to More Strategic Priorities: For most associations, printing & distributing proceedings don't often make the list of top priorities. Many societies that have partnered with Curran have re-assigned employees to more strategic projects and saved money in the process.

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