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Abrasive Materials, Products, Applications and Global Markets

Abrasive Materials, Products, Applications and Global Markets

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Abrasive Materials, Products, Applications and Global Markets
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Product Description
Title:Abrasive Materials, Products, Applications and Global Markets
Report Code:AVM033D
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:Global Market for Abrasive Products; Abrasive Materials; Abrasive Materials Applications

Report Scope:

The report will include details about various types of abrasives, materials used as abrasives, the abrasive manufacturers’ most commonly used grains, their production with values, the manufacturers of products using abrasive materials primarily for machine tools, users of abrasive tools and other applications, and users of loose abrasives. Estimated values used are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Projected and forecast revenue values are in constant U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation.

The report will contain comprehensive information regarding the abrasive industry and the users thereof.

The initial section covers the technical aspects of the industry and the industry products offered in terms of applications and markets.

In the subsequent section, the abrasive grain market is analyzed on a global scale. This section covers the major abrasive grain types and their market details. Emerging trends are discussed, with detailed analysis of players and production capacities.

The U.S. and Europe are the two largest markets for abrasives and abrasive products. Separate chapters cover each of these regions, as well as the trends for both abrasive grains and abrasive products within these regions. Subcategories within each of these markets are also analyzed based on trade data and statistical data. Analysis will include average employee costs; which readers may find useful. In-depth analysis of the European market for Silicon Carbide is presented, with statistics in exports and imports within the European Union (E.U.) countries, as well as for countries outside Europe.

The industry’s technology aspects are reviewed under the chapter related to Patents and Intellectual property. Chronological review of the issued U.S. patents is analyzed, and companies active in developing intellectual property in the abrasive industry are listed.

The final chapter provides details of the industry players. This chapter is wide in scope, including the products, company history, locations and financials of more than 100 companies. The objective has been to include all companies with more than $100 million in annual revenues that are currently active in the abrasive industry. Several smaller companies are also included as niche players. These companies are listed in alphabetical order. It is estimated that the combined revenues of the companies analyzed is approximately $24 billion, which includes companies in the industrial cutting tools segment.

Report Includes:

- 72 data tables and 41 additional tables.
- An overview of the global market for abrasive products, which are materials used to cut, smooth, roughen, polish, or clean surfaces, or simply used to remove material to alter surface shapes or dimensions.
- Coverage of both abrasives and fine polishing markets.
- Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022.
- Abrasives and abrasive products industries, global market trends in each, mergers and acquisitions, and its impact in the marketplace.
- Alumina and silicon carbide markets, production capacities, trends, and geographic details.
- Comprehensive profiles of major players in the industry, including: 3M, Abra Beta, Abrasive Technology Inc., Allied High Tech Products Inc., Alpex Wheel Company, Alteo, AluChem Inc., Anchor Abrasives, Buehler Ltd.

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Dave A Curran, Basic Author