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3D Metal Printing: Dark Art or Modern Blacksmith?

3D Metal Printing: Dark Art or Modern Blacksmith?

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3D Metal Printing: Dark Art or Modern Blacksmith?
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Title:3D Metal Printing: Dark Art or Modern Blacksmith?
Report Code:AVM144A
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:3D Metal Print Market Research; 3D Metal Print Industry

Report Highlights:

The 3D metal print industry anticipates that solutions to obstacles faced by the metal additive manufacturing (AM) are ready to galvanize a ten-fold increase in AM-produced metal products by 2021.

Metal products produced by additive manufacturing had a value of about $210 million in 2016, a fraction of the $10-plus trillion global manufacturing market. By 2021, BCC Research predicts new SLM software, alongside consistent optimized powders, could drive this figure just more than $2 billion.

Report includes:

- Analysis of the development of product qualification, certification method, and protocol that will be essential to replicable product characteristics.
- Insight into why improved process control software is needed to ensure consistent production of parts.
- Details on gas atomization optimization of metal powders tailored for AM.
- Details on improved beam control and in-process data gathering for SLM approaches.

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Dave A Curran, Basic Author