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2018 Environment Research Review

2018 Environment Research Review

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2018 Environment Research Review
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Title:2018 Environment Research Review
Report Code:ENV049A
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:2018 Environment Research Review; Environment Research Review


The current environmental conditions are indicative of water scarcity around the world. As a result, various countries around the world are implementing water management techniques for proper utilization of water. The awareness for water management techniques such as rainwater harvesting, installation of water meters, water quality sensors and water leak detection systems is rapidly growing. Busselton Water, a water corporation suppling drinking water across the Busselton area of Western Australia is experimenting Internet of Things (IoT) platform for water management in collaboration with Telstra and Software AG. Telstra, a telecom operator and Software AG, an enterprise software company
are providing IoT services.

Research Reviews from BCC Research provide market professionals with concise market coverage within a specific research category. The Environment Research Review provides a sampling of the type of quantitative market information, analysis and guidance that has been aiding business decision making since BCC Research was founded in 1971. It includes highlights of several market research reports that were published in 2018 and are an efficient way for market professionals to keep up to date with the general market developments.

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