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2018 Food and Beverage Research Review

2018 Food and Beverage Research Review

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2018 Food and Beverage Research Review
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Title:2018 Food and Beverage Research Review
Report Code:FOD048C
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:Food and Beverage Research Review; 2018 Food and Beverage Research Review


Food industry is emerging as a high-growth, high-profit industry with huge potential, especially in the food processing, packaging and functional foods segment. The advent of technology provides information for companies in making better decisions and providing transparency to consumers that is required in the supply chain.

Technology is one of the prime factors that has enabled simpler packaging and processing solutions with modern industrial convenience. The newer packaging and processing solutions generate less waste and have increased recyclability. The technological breakthroughs are increasing the consumer demands with practical packaging solutions such as resealable packages, single-portion packages.

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Dave A Curran, Basic Author