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2019 Instrumentation & Sensors Research Review

2019 Instrumentation & Sensors Research Review

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2019 Instrumentation & Sensors Research Review
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Title:2019 Instrumentation & Sensors Research Review
Report Code:IAS035F
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:2019 Instrumentation & Sensors Research Review Report

Report Scope:

Artificial intelligence, connected cars, Internet of things, cognitive computing, connected living, smart devices and smart appliances are the current technological trends in recent times. These technologies have one thing in common, they are dependent on instruments and sensors. The fusion of different instrumentation and sensor devices is necessary to attain desired outcomes, making this industry a major area for future development of various aspects of daily life.

The use of sensors has expanded beyond the traditional fields of temperature, pressure and flow measurement. The technological advances and the use of micromachining and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technologies in microsensors are allowing manufacturers to use more sensors and in turn increasing number of sensors on a microscopic scale.

The use of sensors is proving to be a revolution, as they are used in for, diagnostics in medical industry for various application and devices, space exploration and research, improved performance of solar power, fuel cell and batteries, improved safety and security; intelligent and self-learning systems, driverless cars and many more. The sensors industry is progressing rapidly and with technological advancements it has become an integral part of everyday life for us.

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