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Automotive Battery Management System: Global Markets

Automotive Battery Management System: Global Markets

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Automotive Battery Management System: Global Markets
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Product Description
Title:Automotive Battery Management System: Global Markets
Report Code:IAS143A
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:Automotive Battery Management System; Global Market for Automotive Battery Management System

Report Scope:

The scope of the report includes sizing of the automotive battery management system market and an analysis of global market trends, with market data for 2017, considering as the base year, 2018 as the estimate year and forecast for 2023 with projection of CAGR during 2018 to 2023. Market data is provided in terms of number of units and value at global and regional levels as well as select countries for battery management systems by major battery types and type of automobile. Estimated units are number of battery management systems installed by automotive manufacturers in a particular year; estimated values are values of installed units calculated from estimated number of units and price. Projected and forecasted values are in constant United States dollars, unadjusted for inflation.

The report focuses on assessment of automotive battery management systems and a detailed analysis of original equipment manufacturers and the related system providers. Market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges are also discussed in the report. The study forecasts the market value of the automotive battery management system market for key battery types like lithium ion, nickel metal hydride and other battery types including types of lead acid battery. The report also forecasts the market value of the automotive battery management system market for major automobile types like hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles. With this report, automakers, tier-one suppliers, battery management solution providers, battery management system integrators and existing established suppliers will be guided when adopting suitable business strategies to retain their market positions. This data will also prove useful when planning actions to take advantage of opportunities to increase revenues and profitability by capitalizing on the growing automotive battery management system market. Values presented in the forecast tables represent the values of automotive battery management systems as purchased from suppliers by OEM companies, excluding the cost of marketing, assembling and distribution. In this report, the term “revenue” is equivalent to and is used interchangeably with purchase, demand and sales.

Micro hybrid vehicles that typically use 12V to 24V lead acid battery for the start/stop function are excluded from the report scope. As these vehicles use simple lead acid batteries that do not require a complex battery management system. Also, the automobiles considered in the report are passenger cars and SUVs, along with light commercial vehicles such as vans. Hybrid and electric buses, trucks and heavy commercial vehicles are excluded from the report scope as they are highly concentrated in a few select countries.

Report Includes:

- 60 data tables and 45 additional tables
- An overview of the global market and technologies for automotive battery management system
- Analyses of market trends, with data from 2017, 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023
- Description of properties of battery management system such as battery status supervision, battery operating parameter control, cell balancing in battery pack and damage protection
- Insights of advancements in battery technology and government targets to include green vehicles in state fleets and public transport
- Information on stringent safety norms for battery management system
- Comprehensive company profiles of major market players of the industry, including A123 Systems LLC, Analog Devices, Inc. (Linear Technology Corp.), Continental AG, Denso Corp., and Infineon Technologies AG

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Dave A Curran, Basic Author