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Antenna: Including Patch, Embedded, Fractal, Smart and Reflectors

Antenna: Including Patch, Embedded, Fractal, Smart and Reflectors

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Antenna: Including Patch, Embedded, Fractal, Smart and Reflectors
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Product Description
Title:Antenna: Including Patch, Embedded, Fractal, Smart and Reflectors
Report Code:IFT073E
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:Antennas for Systems and Devices; Antennas Market Size

Report Scope:

This report presents forecasts for antennas from 2019 to 2024 on a volume and value basis.

Sales values are presented in U.S. dollars, while shipment volumes are presented in million units.

These forecasts are further broken down by antenna technology, antenna material, application and geographic region.

The report covers the following antenna technologies -
- Flat panel/short-range antenna.
- Patch, miniature, embedded and other low-power antenna.
- Fractal antenna.
- Medium-gain antenna.
- High-gain reflector antenna.
- Smart antenna.

Breakdown of materials includes -
- Metallic.
- Others.

Breakdown by applications includes -
- Aviation.
- Telematics.
- Television (TV)/radio infrastructure and user equipment.
- Satellite communication infrastructure (barring terrestrial and marine components)
- Mobile phones.
- Wireless telecommunications infrastructure.
- Computing applications.
- Medical applications.
- Defense and surveillance applications.
- Residential/industrial/commercial premises and user devices.

The regional breakdown focuses on the following geographic areas -
- The Americas.
- Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
- Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Chapter 2, “Executive Summary,” provides a snapshot of the dollar sales and shipment volumes for the overall antenna market.

Chapter 3, “Overview of Antennas and Important Definitions,” introduces the important and recurring terms and phrases associated with the antenna technology.

Chapter 4, “Market Overview and Analysis,” analyzes the different classification criteria: technologies, materials, geographic regions and verticals. In short, it provides a snapshot of the end-user application sector classification.

Chapter 5, “Application-Specific Analysis,” breaks down the antenna market for each of the applications along antenna technologies, antenna materials and geographic regions. The chapter will provide the reader with an in-depth view of the dynamics of individual applications vis-à-vis antenna prospects.

Chapter 6, “U.S. Patent Analysis,” covers innovations that impact antenna systems. Patents are categorized by applications and technology as well as on the basis of allocation by year, assignee countries and assignee organizations.

Chapter 7, “Major Participants in the Antenna Industry,” identifies the major stakeholders involved in the development and commercialization of antenna technology.

Report Includes:

- 111 tables
- An overview of the global market and technologies for antennas including patch, embedded, fractal, smart and reflectors
- Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2018, 2019 and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2024
- Coverage of antenna applications in different sectors and discussion of their benefits, limitations, and prospects in qualitative and quantitative terms
- Examination of different classification criteria: technologies (flat panel/medium-range directive antennas, miniature without fractal, miniature fractal, medium-gain directional antenna, high-gain reflector, and smart antennas), and materials (metal, ceramic, PTFE, and electrified gas)
- Detailed profiles of major players in the industry, including Antenna Design & Manufacturing Co. (ADM), Laird Technologies, Motorola Solutions, Samsung Electronics, Texas Instruments (TI) Inc., UBC Inc. and Videocomm Technologies

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Dave A Curran, Basic Author