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2018 Information Technology Research Review

2018 Information Technology Research Review

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2018 Information Technology Research Review
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Title:2018 Information Technology Research Review
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Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:2018 Information Technology Research Review; Information Technology Research Review


Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing is one of the key technology trends to emerge in recent years. With IoT technologies helped connecting technical devices and other smart objects to the internet and to each other, cloud computing has provided users with cost-effective, efficient and more secure alternatives to transform and enhance the businesses. These advanced technologies in an attempt to resolve several economic and social issues, are helping in creating a perfect connection between the physical and digital worlds.

IoT has turned the concept of smart-homes and devices, and workplaces into a reality. The technology is laying foundation for enhancing operations in various industries such as in retail and manufacturing industries. With the latest developments in the field of IoT, and cloud and datacenters, industries are capable of revamping the entire business processes, from product design to system delivery to selling at point of sales (POS).

While these trends are already transforming businesses, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is still on the horizon. This level of processing will increase the requirements on network performance as well as storage of organizations’ intellectual or business data. Thus, the benefits of cloud and data center networks are starting to justify new investments, as legacy networks and storage technologies lack in capacity to deal wih today’s dynamic application environment.

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