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2019 Membrane and Separation Technology Research Review

2019 Membrane and Separation Technology Research Review

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2019 Membrane and Separation Technology Research Review
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Title:2019 Membrane and Separation Technology Research Review
Report Code:MST053C
Publisher:BCC Research LLC
Keywords:2019 Membrane and Separation Technology Research Review Report

Report Scope:

In the recent years, membrane and separation technology has found highly profitable market opportunities in healthcare and life-science industries. The medical membrane device industry has introduced remarkable changes in medicine. An increase in life-threatening diseases has created a surge in the development of devices and techniques to provide better and more affordable care. Manufacturers continuously adopt innovative technologies for higher quality, faster delivery and lower costs. Medical membrane devices have wide-ranging applications in diagnosis, renal therapies, therapeutic apheresis and parenteral nutrition.

Moreover, the use of membranes in the medical device industry has created a positive impact, especially in the diagnostic market. Clinical applications of membrane-based diagnostics are widespread and growing in infectious disease detection, hormone testing, drug monitoring, cardiovascular and congenital disease marker testing, and numerous other indications. Membranes also find prominent use in IV filters. In-line membrane-based filters are used during the infusion of IV medications to prevent the administration of any particulate matter, air or microorganisms present in the IV line. Other applications of membrane medical devices include renal therapies, cardiovascular treatments and therapeutic apheresis.

Vendors in the global market are engaged in enhancing their market reach through various business development strategies such as partnerships, new product development, agreement, geographic expansion and others. Recently, in October 2019, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and Abbott entered a thirty-year agreement program, in which the former will be utilizing Abbott’s advanced blood and plasma screening technology to monitor and screen donated bloods.

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