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Contact: Dave Curran
57 Morehouse Lane
Red Hook, NY 12571
Phone: 845-758-0400 ext.109

Curran’s “On-Demand” Print Solution Fulfilling Unmet Demand

Red Hook, NY, November 2, 2009 – For 25 years, Curran Associates, Inc. has been a specialized supplier of conference proceedings to science and technology libraries around the world. Who would have thought that, in the age of electronic information access, a bookseller would build a robust printing solution while weathering the worst recession in a generation? With a keen eye toward their customers’ needs, Curran has carved out a niche that satisfies customers and publishers alike. From the beginning, Curran established a strong reputation for prompt, quality service – assisting engineering libraries with building and maintaining their collection of proceedings across multiple disciplines of engineering.

Helping Associations

Over the past 5 years, however, the associations and publishers who produce proceedings have begun to recognize the pitfalls associated with traditional printing, and have begun to move more rapidly toward electronic distribution of their research.
  1. Large print runs are required to get lower prices
  2. High inventory costs if too many are ordered
  3. Poor customer satisfaction & high re-order costs if too few are ordered.
  4. Eventually, books go out-of-print.
Most of these publishers cannot afford to provide both print and electronic, so they tend to focus on electronic, and are no longer producing print. This leaves many libraries and researchers with no choice. While everyone would agree that electronic is the future, there are still many who prefer print.

According to Dave Curran, VP of Business Development at Curran, “Some of our customers are happy to receive CD or electronic feed, but others simply still have a need for print. We find ourselves in the perfect position to offer an “on-demand” print solution, which solves two problems – 1) we can satisfy unmet demand for libraries and researchers who still need print; and 2) we can help our association partners meet the needs of the research community without incurring additional costs themselves. And since many associations consider dissemination of their research to be a primary mission, they’re pleased to partner with us”.

Curran now prints proceedings for over 300 different professional associations, societies, and technical publishers, and the list of titles available on their website,, now exceeds 6,000. The books are printed and assembled with a perfect bind using a soft cover (100# semi-gloss cover stock). They are professional, sturdy, clean, and filled with essentially the same research provided on the electronic media.

“One of the great results”, comments John Curran, President of Curran, “is that more associations are finding Curran’s model to be beneficial, providing them the freedom to focus their resources on more strategic priorities, like: membership, meetings, improved electronic delivery, and finding professional opportunities for their members”.

In 2008, Curran signed an agreement with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology. IEEE was looking for a partner that would help them not only to exit the print side of their proceedings business (over 900 individual conference titles each year), but also to fulfill and distribute orders for proceedings in print, or CD/DVD/USB formats. Curran now performs composition (prepress) work for IEEE in order to re-format each of their electronic files for on-demand printing. Curran also employs the same on-demand philosophy with CD/DVD/USB orders, by “creating on-demand” from one master or original, eliminating the need to inventory even CDs.

Other associations have seen the same advantages and contracted Curran to be their distributor and fulfillment partner – handling all orders, by phone, fax, email or post, freeing them up for more strategic priorities.

Satisfying Customers

On the sales fulfillment side, Curran still maintains a can-do attitude, supplying the format the customer prefers. Curran manages over 1,200 standing order titles for their larger customers, distinguishing who wants print and who wants electronic. Many large libraries rely on Curran for their experience and expertise supplying thousands of titles from hundreds of associations, keeping track of which ones are included in a series and which have been discontinued.

As those familiar with the proceedings market know, the industry is somewhat fractured. While many conferences are published by well-established professional associations each year, some conference titles are published by a different publisher each year, and sometimes they are held jointly by multiple societies. Still, other conferences are run by volunteer members who do not have professional staff to help them produce, market, and distribute. All of this adds up to quite the challenge when trying to accumulate all of the titles from one library’s order.

International booksellers who supply their local libraries are also impressed with Curran’s support. Curran maintains and distributes Conference Proceedings Monthly, a comprehensive list of conference titles available each month. Their website also includes a catalog of their on-demand print titles. Each of these electronic files can be integrated into bookseller catalogs, or web catalogs for easy distribution.

Each month, more and more users are finding conference proceedings titles on Curran’s website, This user friendly site offers searchable bibliographic information for each title, including:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Date of conference
  • Location of conference
  • Sponsor (original publisher)
  • ISBN, and Page Count
So, give a try…you’ll be pleased you did.


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