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Finding Titles Now Easier Than Ever

Red Hook, NY, June 10, 2010 – Today, Curran Associates launches its revamped website with improved navigation, enabling users to search for conference proceedings titles by publisher, or by thirteen categories such as “Electrical-Computer”, “Chemical-Petroleum”, and “Nanotechnology” to name a few. A new, easy to use advanced filter further enables users to narrow their results by year, format, and price range.

According to Patrick Curran, VP of Curran Associates, Inc., “The site now provides a powerful way for our customers to sift through thousands of titles from a particular category, or even from a publisher, helping them to find what they are looking for, and saving them valuable time.”

From the individual researcher looking for current research on civil engineering, to academic institutions and librarians looking to update their collections, customers can now browse by category as well as publisher. A keyword search field and downloadable catalogs in PDF and Excel format are still available to those searching with specific products in mind, but the new site with its advanced filter allows customers to more easily discover which titles from which publishers and categories will serve their needs best. For example, The American Society of Civil Engineers has titles in the “Civil Engineering” category, but it also has titles in Aerospace, Chemical-Petroleum, Electrical-Computer, Environmental, Geo-Science, and Mechanical. Likewise, the Nanotechnology category includes titles from a host of professional associations like MRS, TMS, IOP, IEEE, and others.

The new site will also allow users the opportunity to sign up for Proceedings Update, a monthly “new titles" listing, making it easier for them to stay informed about new conference proceedings on a regular basis. The “Partner with Us!” option offers other technical publishers and societies an opportunity to promote their proceedings titles on, which helps disseminate their research and frees up precious resources from the burden of printing, packing and shipping individual orders. Nearly 400 professional society publishers, such as IEEE, ACM, and MRS, use Curran Associates (, to print and distribute their electronic-only conference proceedings, amounting to over 7,000 titles with more coming out every month.

For nearly 25 years, Curran Associates, Inc. has been focused on marketing and selling conference proceedings to science and technology libraries around the world. The company also has a unique service arm that works with technical and society publishers to offer “on-demand” printing of proceedings that are otherwise only published in electronic format (CD, DVD, USB, or web server). In addition, the company has a global network of importers and library suppliers who play a significant role in making printed proceedings available for those who still prefer print.


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Dave A Curran, Basic Author