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To our Customers:

Offer our libraries and the research community global access to our conference proceedings database, which contains listings of thousands of conference publications that we offer in printed format for those that still prefer print.

To our Partners:

Continue to improve ways in which we assist our association and society partners with the dissemination of their meeting, conference, and symposium proceedings.

To our Employees:

Provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth, and to encourage them to participate in the process of improving our products and services to our customers. is owned and operated by Curran Associates, Inc., a conference proceedings specialty company since 1984. We have grown to be the world’s leading supplier of engineering conference publications to science and technology libraries. We have established a strong reputation for prompt, quality service – often doing the work that other booksellers could not or would not do.

Libraries and booksellers alike have grown to appreciate and depend on Curran’s extensive conference proceedings database, containing listings of thousands of printed conference publications from hundreds of technical associations and societies. We also manage more comprehensive order plans for our largest clients.

Carving a New Printing Niche

Over the past several years, associations and publishers who produce proceedings have moved rapidly toward electronic access, and many have discontinued offering printed proceedings. While electronic access has advantages for many, there are still researchers and libraries that have a need for print. As a bookseller, we found ourselves in the perfect position to offer an “on-demand” print solution that satisfies library customers, and helps associations and societies to meet the needs of the research community without incurring additional costs themselves. By offering our customers on-demand printing services, even for quantities of one, we once again, found ourselves doing work that other booksellers, and even printers would not or could not offer.

Curran now partners with several hundred professional associations and societies, re-formatting their electronic conference publications so they can be printed, “on-demand”. Curran’s website, has become a conference proceedings database, currently listing thousands of “on-demand” titles, and growing every week. Nearly every day, new partners are finding Curran’s service to be a great value, freeing up scarce resources for more strategic opportunities.

Use the search bar above, or download our catalog, to determine whether the titles you’re looking for are available in print from our on-demand library.

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