Publisher Services

Planning and running a conference is complex and time consuming work, and preparing final proceedings for your attendees, members and the greater scientific community can be overwhelming.

  • Who will assemble the collection of papers?
  • Which printer will do a small run? Can they make CDs or USBs too?
  • Where will the papers be hosted? How will payments be collected?
  • What will happen to the proceedings five years after the conference?
  • Who will answer inquiries and process orders…and pack…and ship?
That’s where we come in!
Let us help free up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

e-Proceedings and Other Electronic Formats

For web-based distribution, we create “e-Proceedings”. You provide us all the papers and we’ll do the rest. We create a title page (cover), copyright page, table of contents and author index (if not provided), and we assign a unique ISBN to each new format. The finished file has convenient bookmarks, as well as links within the table of contents and author index for easy navigation to each paper. We charge a small fee to create the file and we will host the proceedings on your organization’s page within Your e-Proceedings can be made available in several ways:

  • Purchase and download
  • Download password protected PDF(cost effective distribution to members/attendees)
  • Open access and freely downloadable

We handle all inquiries, process orders and collect payments, all at no additional cost to you. In fact, we even offer royalty payments (via PayPal or U.S. Dollar Checks).

The same file can be used to create physical e-products like CD/DVD/USB if required and will be available for purchase on Neither of us will ever have to say “No” because we don’t have the format the customer is looking for.

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DOI & Content Hosting

Do your authors a favor and register each paper with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). A DOI is a persistent link with powerful benefits:

  • Allow each paper to be discovered through linking technologies
  • Allow content to be more broadly accessed by the research community at large
  • Ensure correct citations and proper credit for your authors

We offer registration and assignment of DOIs and provide a landing page for each paper on, essentially creating a digital library for your proceedings. We do the following:

  • Collect the appropriate metadata from you
  • Formulate a unique DOI for each paper
  • Register all relevant metadata with the International DOI Foundation
  • Create and host a landing page for each DOI with appropriate bibliographic data and the ability for users to acquire the full text from that landing page
  • At no extra cost, we will create a print-on-demand version of each conference title, which will be included on your content page within

We charge a small fee for this service and will manage and host the DOIs on your organization’s page within

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Print-on-Demand Services

While print format is less in demand these days, there are still some institutional clients who request print copies for archival purposes, and some individuals who request print as a matter of personal preference. Rather than cancel orders because print is not available, we’ll print at our expense, offering you an environmentally friendly, “no-cost” solution.

Provide us the papers and we’ll create a Cover, Copyright Page, Table of Contents and Author Index (if not provided). We also assign a unique ISBN to each new format. Then we’ll promote the publications on our website, and in our catalog, which we supply to our large institutional clients. This way, we can still say “yes” to our mutual clients who want your material in print, without the waste of traditional print runs, all at no cost to you. In fact, we even offer royalty payments (via PayPal or U.S. Dollar Checks).

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