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Technical associations have a lot on their plates these days -- we recognize that. With over 25 years of experience selling conference proceedings, we understand where activities like printing, marketing, and distributing conference proceedings fit in your priorities -- and they're not usually in your top three.

As a specialized conference proceedings distributor, we are in touch with researchers and libraries every day that convey their need for proceedings. Some are happy, of course, with online access, while others prefer a CD/DVD/USB. Still others have a need for print, or even multiple formats. While electronic access is the future, there are still researchers and libraries out there that prefer print, just not enough of them to justify all the costs associated with producing a printed version.

We'd like to help! -- See our Top 5 Reasons to POD.

Most societies tell us that dissemination of their material ranks highly among their strategic priorities, so turning away a customer doesn’t make sense. Since we supply conference titles from several hundred associations each year, Curran is ideally positioned to deliver proceedings in the format the customer requires, including "on-demand" print, for those clients who still need it.

We simply print, from CD or other electronic media, the information that you have published in electronic format. We produce a title page that clearly indicates that the books are printed from e-media, with permission from the publisher. The books are printed and assembled with a perfect bind using a soft cover (100# semi-gloss cover stock). They are professional, sturdy, clean, and filled with essentially the same research provided on the electronic media. This is all done at no cost to you…in fact; we commonly pay royalties for each copy sold. See the Top 5 Reasons to choose Curran.

While selling a few copies of your proceedings might not add up to much of an economic decision, it does add up to customer satisfaction and dissemination of your material. Most professional societies find this to be a positive partnership, and their titles are listed on our site. Please consider giving us a call now. We look forward to hearing from you.
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