Conference Proceedings & Symposium Publications

If you're not a professional researcher or a librarian, you may appreciate a brief explanation of exactly what we sell here at


First, let's answer the question, "What are conference proceedings"? Conference proceedings are a collection of technical papers presented at a professional association meeting. These meetings are sometimes referred to as conferences, symposia, workshops, expositions, exhibitions, and the like. The papers go by a variety of names also, like: papers, abstracts, extended abstracts, manuscripts, presentations, etc. If the publications are filled with full papers, they are considered proceedings, or conference proceedings. Abbreviated papers are referred to as abstracts or conference abstracts. Conference abstracts can be simple (1 page), or extended (2-5 pages). So these publications can be called conference proceedings, symposium publications, workshop presentations, annual meeting papers, or any combination, but we're sure you get the idea.


The vast majority of our proceedings are in the engineering, science and technology fields. Symposium publications or proceedings titles may include papers from between 10 and 2,000 different researchers, depending on the topic and the size of the conference. Many of these conferences are recurring (held each year or every two years, three years, etc.), covering the same basic topics but including the latest progress in their specific discipline or subject. These publications have long provided a breadth and depth of up-to-date research for libraries, technical institutes, individual researchers, and corporations. As a result, science and technology libraries continue to find conference proceedings to be an attractive source of published research.